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  Lying before you, set in the middle of a lush valley, is a large mountain range, which is covered with ice and snow. Running from the top and down to the bottom, leading into the valley, is a large river, frothed with ice. As you near the mountain, you see a large opening near the base and a sign that reads; “Enemies of the Queen beware, but missionaries are welcome.” As you enter the crack, you find yourself plunged into darkness. You wander for miles and miles, hours and hours. When you finally reach the bottom of the mountains, lying deep in the Underdark of the Drow, also home to the dark Dwarves, you come upon a pair of gleaming, silver gates guarded by two female drow that are armored to the teeth. They inspect you closely, and after much persuading, they allow you to enter the city.
  Everh'rret; The Cavern of the Void.
  It is a new city, a large city, but with few occupants. The families that live here used to live in the grand city of Ched Nasad, but they moved when it was destroyed. It lies in the long tunnels of the expansive realm of the Underdark, ruled by the Drow and their pantheon of unholy Gods. But none is more cruel and devilish then the Spider Queen, known to her people as Lloth.
  The buildings are all made of dark woods and obsidian, silver and gold trim decorations in places. The buildings are set in a circle, in the middle of which lies a large execution square complete with gallows and a guillotine. Standing at the apex of the circle, near the northern corner, is the only white building. It is made of marble, veined with black and gold. When one enters it, they will find a large main chamber complete with a statue of a spider. It is enchanted so that when one comes closer, it changes into the figure of a beautiful, naked drow female crafted out of fine adamantine with, surprisingly, purple eyes. She seems to stare into one's soul, seeing whatever darkness lay within.
  You leave the Temple, and start to inspect the other buildings. There are weapons shops, magical shops, a general store, a slave market, and a tavern, which is the second largest building in the city. It is made of imported white oak, decorated with gold filigree and two large spiders are stationed at the entrance. If you are a drow female, they let you go in freely. If you are a male, they sniff you and inspect you for hidden weapons, but if you are a surface dweller, they speak in hissing tones, asking to see the color of your coin.
  Once inside the tavern, you see several scantily dressed male drow serving the occupants of the tavern. Some of them are even servicing the women in a sexual fashion. The room is lit with low candle light, glowing blue and red to cause a purple hue to hang in the air. There are couches of all sizes, chairs and large cushions. To the left of the entrance, there is a large bar with bottles lining the walls behind it. There is also another doorway just beyond the bar, where a kitchen is laid. There are many paintings of ghastly scenes featuring the beheading of male drow, the slaughter of elven children, and an elaborate picture of the Spider Queen herself, featured in a tableaux of rotten corpses, zombies, and large spiders, who seem to have looks of adoration on their faces as they gaze at the diabolical Queen.

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If you were to make an album consisting of only covers, which songs would you pick to sing?
  1. Hey Jude - The Beatles

  2. Imaginary - Evanescence

  3. Sweet Dreams - Euthriymitcs

  4. Tears of an Angel - RyanDan

  5. Sleeping Sun - Nightwish

  6. Only Time - Enya

  7. Think Of Me - From Phantom of the Opera

  8. Bohemian Rhaposdy - Queen

  9. O Children - Nick Cave

  10 Rev. 22:20 -.Puscifer